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Before I decided to train as a nurse, I was under the impression that Autism was well understood in the parallel universe that is healthcare. My impression soon changed. 

I qualified in early 2021, and at the end of 2022 I worked with the RCNi to develop an article for the Nursing Standard to provide advice to Autistic student nurses. When it was published, the article wasn't terrible, but imho, it wasn't a great representation either. A lot of my experiences had been edited through the lens of a neurotypical, and much of the emotion had been lost. 

It seems there still remains a gap in the market for the honest reflections of those who experience the world differently, and how best can I fill that gap in the market than by publishing these reflections myself? No filter, no editing, just Autism on a page.

Whether you too are are a neurodivergent in healthcare; whether you're one of our colleagues; or perhaps you've just found yourself here.. try and enjoy the musings of my mind.

So welcome to my world! As a nurse, as an Autistic, as a colleague, friend, as a real human with real human experiences, and a real Autistic attitude.

God bless,

Meg X

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