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Hey There..

It’s been over a year since I set this blog up, and so far it’s bumbling along doing its own thing and I suddenly realise: in amongst all the explanations of my views and the workings of my mind – I haven’t actually included a whole lot of information about myself.

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So Who is Megan..?

I was born and raised in the centre of the great city that is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (yep, my parents are still there) and spent eight years as a St John Ambulance cadet – initially in Gosforth before moving over to Wallsend where I achieved the rank of corporal.

I moved to Cardiff when I was 18, and in 2017 gained a degree in Youth and Community Work. I worked with children with disabilities, and part-time as a support worker for a private healthcare company. It was on a night shift for the latter that I (impulsively) applied for a place on an Adult Nursing programme. To my surprise, I got an interview, and then a place.

I graduated with first class honours in Adult Nursing in 2021, from the University of South Wales. Throughout my studies, after being made redundant from my private healthcare job when the company pulled out of Cardiff, I relied on my community work roots and worked at a family hostel. We housed families who had been made homeless for many reasons (mainly domestic violence or being granted refugee status). When I qualified as a nurse, I went straight into surgical nursing. I’m studying for a Master’s in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice at Cardiff University Law School, and am a recipient of the Master’s Excellence Scholarship 2022 to fund my studies.

I live with my brother Max, and my ever-suffering fiancée, Nick, and am trying desperately to organise and pay for our wedding scheduled for 5th November 2024 – a date we chose in no small part because of the well known folk rhyme “remember, remember, the 5th of November..” and the likelihood of my Autistic brain not being able to retain a date unless it has a helpful reminder to go with it.


We have two rabbits: Hermione “Mini”, and Nala; two guinea pigs: Winston and Hamlet; and a small array of fish. I am a Christian, my background being High-Anglican but I have found myself becoming more evangelical as I’ve grown in my faith. My favourite Bible verse is John 16:33.


I have acne, eczema, and a wonky eye. I take three different types of anti-depressant to keep me as sane as I can be. I am feisty, contrary, and forever saying the wrong thing. I live by my own code of morality, have a lack of intuitive understanding of hierarchy, and will forever stand up for what I think is right.

You know what though? I am a pretty perfect version of what I am, and on the whole I’m pretty cool with it.

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