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I'm still working on a lot of developments: trying to work out where I sit in the nursey-sphere, and in what direction I want to go in. I'm trying to throw out a lot of content in quite a short space of time.

So pleeaase ❤️ the posts you think are the best written / you'd like to see more of.

It all helps me build a space which one day could actually do some good.

Thank you,

-Meg :)

PS. You may notice that I go through phases where I capitalise Autistic, then I go through phases where I don't. I like consistency too, but I want the posts to reflect how I feel at the time, so please don't hold it against me :3

"But.. You Don't Look Autistic.."

“Thank you.” I used to say when people said that to me. Thank you. What am I thanking them for? I suppose I’m potentially thanking them...

Routine (II) and Reasoning

I have already chatted a little bit about routine. I seem to have pretty much covered the ‘what?’, but not really the ‘why?’. A series of...

Routine (I)

What does routine mean to an autistic nurse? Why is having a routine important? What differences are there in home and work routines?

Secret Diary of a Student Nurse (I)

My student nurse journey was absolutely diabolical – and for the most part, I mean that in a good way. Some of the situations I got...

Masking & Unwritten Rules

I was brought up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city known in no small part for its football prowess. I am not even slightly interested in...

Autism, she wrote..

The problem with being Autistic – if there can be such a thing – is that contrary to what many may believe, you’re unlikely to know I...

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